About Us

What We Do


We are Rosedale Concrete Construction, a corporation that focuses on all the concrete and masonry projects you can think of. We offer a wide range of jobs, from concrete foundations and flat work to block walls, pillars, and homey touches that will make you feel, well, more at home. We focus on customer care and quality work and make each and every job we do of the most importance. 

Our Mission


As our slogan states, "laying a foundation for others to build on" is all about being that strong base you need to build off of, a base that won't fail you. This not only applies to our concrete professionalism, but also as Christians spreading the Gospel of Christ. As God is our foundation in which we build our lives upon, our mission is to both spread that message and His love to anyone willing to accept it and give you some of the finest concrete and mason work that won't fail you as well.

Why Choose Us?


If there's one thing we do know, it's hard work and dedication to doing a good job that meets your satisfaction. We view both concrete and masonry as an art and, in that case, consider ourselves artists selling you our masterpieces. We offer staff that is as personable and caring as they come to make sure both your project and experience working with our company is enjoyable and meets the standards you set for how you wanted your job to be done.